Sunday, December 1, 2013

Starts with knee high boots...

The search for the perfect knee-high boot can often be difficult for girls on the petite side. Usually the difficulty is finding the ideal fit in the shaft - either it's too wide or too tall. I've also purchased boots before and brought them to a cobbler to narrow the shaft, but this can be a pricey and time-consuming endeavour. 

For those on the hunt for their go-to boot this winter, here are some things I keep in mind when shopping:

Is the shaft too wide? Consider how these boots will be worn. Will these be worn mostly with jeans tucked in or with tights under a dress? Either way, a form-fitting shaft ensures a streamlined look (i.e. not like a pirate) and that the boots won't be shifting around while you walk (very uncomfortable, trust me)

Is the boot too tall? Unless the boot is an over-the-knee boot, the top should end just a few inches below the knee. Too low on the calf and it'll actually appear to widen and shorten the leg, too high on the calf will make it look like you're being swallowed by the boot.

Is there enough grip on the bottom? One of the downsides of most high-end boots is that the soles tend to be leather. While this is a luxurious touch in the summer months, leather soles will hardly withstand the salt, wet sidewalks and cold streets. This can easily be remedied by bringing the boot to a cobbler to have them resoled with weatherproof rubber. This will also protect you against potentially dangerous (and embarrassing) spills on the ice.  

In terms of design, I personally prefer relatively unadorned boots with as little embellishment as possible. This helps ensure longevity in terms of style, and the most versatility with my wardrobe.

Happy hunting!

Boots: Loeffler Randall

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