Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wishlist: Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring

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A few posts ago I talked about dress-shopping for the upcoming holiday season. But, should a new frock not be a line item in your budget, how about sprucing up an existing one with statement jewellery instead?  

I recently mourned the final end of a tried-tested-and-true little black dress. It was over thirteen years old (yes you read that right) and it's just not worth the money to have it repaired. Its clean lines and simple strapless style allowed this classic and eternally chic dress to be reinvented dozens of times. In fact, if I calculated cost-per-wear, I'd likely be in the pennies. For each event that I wore this dress to, I ensured that my accessories were different and where possible my hair style as well. Now that I'm shopping for a new staple LBD for my wardrobe, I'm also considering different ways to wear it. 

The YSL Arty ring has been on my radar for some time. But being as indecisive as I am I've never been able to commit to one style of this iconic piece. With the holidays coming up, maybe Santa will surprise me with one? I'm not picky - any one will do.

Image credit: Net-a-Porter
YSL Arty Ring available from Net-a-Porter and SSENSE (free shipping for limited time with code FREESHIPWW)

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