Saturday, March 8, 2014

Weekend Web Round-up: March 8th Edition

Happy weekend! After a truly exhausting week, these links provided a breath of fresh air. Admittedly, I'd much rather think about fashion and accessories and my next wardrobe addition than deadlines and business trips. 

PurseBlog's Ten Reasons to Own a Chanel Flap Bag: As if you actually needed more convincing, I think of these more as reasons to justify my first (and so far only) Chanel bag purchase years ago. Even with other bag additions throughout the years, my Classic Flap is absolutely still one of my favorite and cherished items (close-ups here and here). 

WhoWhatWear's 9 Secrets to Making Your Outfit Look Expensive is a list of tips that don't require an investment in themselves to elevate an outfit and give it that extra oomph. Many of the items I already own in my wardrobe but simply needed some inspiration to reinvent.

The Best Wedding Photos on is a guilty pleasure. Though it's been two years since my wedding, I still find myself drawn to pictures of wedding dresses and still feel those butterflies in my stomach when I spy an especially beautiful one. This link is filled with gorgeous visions of white dresses in every silhouette and tons of venue and decor inspiration.

Image credits: PurseBlog, WhoWhatWear,

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